Sabinsa Corporation Granted Patent on BioPerine® Bioavailability Enhancing Phytonutrient

Sabinsa Corporation has been granted a patent on BioPerine®‘, a new ingredient developed by the company which has been shown to increase the bioavailability of supplements.

The US patent #5,536,506, granted July 16, 1996, covers composition, method of process and use of the ingredient. Worldwide patent applications are pending.

In Clinical studies discussed, BioPerine®, consisting of at least 95% alkaloid piperine from fruits of the black pepper, was evaluated for bioavailability in human volunteers. The categories evaluated with and without BioPerine® were fat soluble (beta carotene), water soluble (vitamin B6), a mineral (selenium in the form of Selenomethionine), and a therapeutically important ubiquinone-10 (CoQ10).

The results showed that volunteers from the control group receiving the supplement with a placebo were found to have significantly smaller increases in blood levels of the supplement than those from the group receiving the supplement with BioPerine®. The group receiving BioPerine® had a 60% increase in blood beta carotene levels as compared to the group receiving beta carotene alone. The vitamin B6 increase was higher than beta carotene, the selenium levels increased by 30%, and the CoQ10 levels increased by 30%. All studies used BioPerine® in the amount of 5 mg per dose, per day.